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Discover Ashcourt Group's sustainable solutions for construction materials with our range of washed and recycled aggregates.

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Washed and Recycled Aggregates

Ashcourt are your trusted partner for sustainable construction materials. Our state-of-the-art CDE wash plant offers a wide range of washed and recycled aggregates, perfect for all your construction and civil engineering needs. Embrace environmentally friendly practices with our high-quality products, including soft sand, sharp sand, 10mm and 20mm pipe bedding, and 40-80mm clean aggregates.

With the introduction of washed and recycled aggregate products, we greatly reduce the need for quarrying aggregate products which in turn is better for our evironment. We are able to recycle waste spoil and sub-soil from our customer's sites, recycle it and turn it into useful recycled products.

Why Choose Ashcourt Group's Recycled and Washed Aggregates:

  • Sustainability at its Best: At Ashcourt Group, sustainability is our top priority. Our wash plant recycles aggregates, minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact of your construction projects.
  • Premium Quality Aggregates: We take pride in delivering high-quality products. Our washed aggregates undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring consistent and superior performance in every project.
  • Eco-friendly Solutions: By opting for our eco-conscious aggregates, you contribute to a cleaner environment and promote a greener construction industry.
  • Versatility in Products: Whether it's for general construction, pipe bedding, or large-scale projects, our diverse range of products caters to various applications.

Our Recycled and Washed Aggregate Products:

  • Soft Sand: Ideal for bricklaying, rendering, and general construction, our soft sand guarantees excellent workability and a smooth finish.
  • Sharp Sand: Perfect for concreting, screeding, and block paving, our sharp sand offers excellent drainage properties and strong cohesion.
  • 10mm Pipe Bedding: Specifically designed for pipe installations, our 10mm pipe bedding ensures stability and proper support for pipelines.
  • 20mm Pipe Bedding: When it comes to larger pipelines, our 20mm pipe bedding offers enhanced load-bearing capacity and efficient water drainage.
  • 40-80mm Clean Aggregates: Suitable for various applications, including drainage systems and landscaping projects, our 40-80mm clean aggregates are versatile and durable.

Expert Resource Management:

Ashcourt Group excels in resource management. With our efficient wash plant, we maximize the recycling process, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality aggregates for your projects.

Experience the Ashcourt Advantage:

Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and eco-consciousness sets us apart as a reliable partner for all your aggregate needs. Join hands with Ashcourt Group to build a brighter and greener future for the construction industry.

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We have an extensive fleet of tipper wagons located throughout Yorkshire to help us provide our fast and efficient service. Our fleet of tippers are all modern and fitted with high standard safety features.

Our impressive range of tipper wagons are also available for hire 7 days a week and can hold up to 19 tonnes of material. Our order process is also quick and easy, just a short call is all that's needed to secure your tipper hire booking.

We can also deliver smaller aggregate quantities in aggregate bags delivered on our specialist aggregate bag truck equipped with a crane for easier loading and unloading.

We can provide a free, no obligation quote including a detailed site visit.