Farming Applications

Ashcourt Concrete are able to advise on and provide the best quality agricultural concrete. Our professional team are happy to help whether you need to pour foundations, storage shed floors or lay external paving, we can guarantee we will provide you with the most suitable mix required, as per the guidance from British Standards.


Depending on the end use of the footings you may have some mix requirements stipulated in your drawings or alternatively we could recommend the following mixes:

  • Unreinforced foundation GEN3
  • Reinforced foundation RC28/35
  • Foundations in aggressive ground which may contain sulphates & FND2 (contact us for assistance)


There are many different paving requirements around farm yards, the following examples would require a PAV2 mix:

  • External floor slabs
  • Loading bays
  • Access roads
  • Farming yards


Most of the floors around the farm require a strong mix to withstand the heavy use the floors get, whether it's farm vehicles or large storage sheds. We recommend using a RC32/40 mix which is a heavy duty mix for industrial use that achieves a strong wearing surface.

  • Machinery stores
  • Feed stores
  • Workshop floors

We can also beef up the mix even further if the area will be classed as heavy industrial, the RC40/50 mix will give extra wear and durability.

  • Cattle sheds
  • Livestock areas
  • Stable floors
  • Milking parlours


We can recommend an RC32/40 mix for use as tank bases and even as bund walls for any areas where liquids may be stored. This mix will be suitable to contain most liquids but if you need a watertight concrete please speak to one of our team for further information.

  • Liquids storage bunding
  • Tank bases