Concrete Products

Roller Compacted Concrete

For use on driveways, yards and machinery storage areas, our RCC is mixed by our specialist batchers at our own plants with the mix laid directly by our expert team. Our RCC is a cost efficient alternative to tarmac and is suitable for heavy plant and machinery in just 3 days. The mix is laid using a paver and compacted using a roller to create an even surface.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

The inclusion of the fibres significantly improves the concrete performance and durability. Fibre Reinforcement is an inexpensive, fast and safe alternative to traditional mesh reinforcement.

Screed Applications

We can supply two different types of screeds depending on your application and expertise. We have a conventional 4:1 Screed which is a semi dry mix that can include the addition of polypropylene fibres and/or retarder should you require. Alternative to the above we can offer a flowing anhydrite screed which is self-levelling flowing screed that is self-compacting. This screed can be used bonded, unbonded, floating and with or without under-floor heating. Due to the technical nature of the screeds we recommend that you contact one of our team to discuss further your requirements.

Specialist Concrete

Ashcourt concrete can offer a vast range of specialist concretes suitable for different application methods. Whether you require a watertight concrete for a swimming pool or basement or you have a need for structural fibres to replace the need to reinforcing steel mesh, Ashcourt can find the right solution for you. Some common requests include different sizes of aggregate, waterproof concrete, coloured concrete and extra abrasion properties for a tough surface finish We recommend that you contact one of our team to discuss further your requirements.

Farming Applications

Ashcourt Concrete are able to advise on and provide the best quality agricultural concrete. Our professional team are happy to help whether you need to pour foundations, storage shed floors or lay external paving, we can guarantee we will provide you with the most suitable mix required, as per the guidance from British Standards.

Housing Applications

Ashcourt Concrete can assist you with your concrete requirements every step of the way, whether you need to pour foundations, floors or external paving, we can supply you the suitable mix required as per the guidance from British Standards.

Asphalt Concrete

Ashcourt offer asphalt collections from our Foster Street site in Hull. Asphalt collections in Hull are available both morning and afternoon and comprise of AC6 and AC20.

We offer other asphalt concrete products but these are only available on a pre-booking basis. We have a dedicated asphalt loading bay where you can drive onto site, park up and we will load your vehicle with your required amount and product.